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Welcome to LunaSol Farm!

Located on 14 acres just 15 minutes Southwest of downtown, Eugene, we are at the beginning stages of creating a “handmade” life: growing a garden, starting fruit orchards, keeping bees and chickens, restoring habitat, playing in nature with children, writing, performing music, and building websites.

Our crops are becoming tangible with the cases of apple butter we made from the abundant harvest of 2012, the continued sale of our organic pastured chicken eggs, and a new strawberry orchard we hope will be productive in 2014. But at LunaSol Farm we also seek to grow crops of strong children with a connection to the natural world, inspiration through music and writing, and a community of learning and mutual support as we seek to live lightly on the land.

Much as LunaSol Farm is an evolving ecosystem, this website is a work in progress. We invite you to come visit this site—and our farm-in-progress—to see what’s new, enjoy the sunsets, and create community.