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Soul Food

My intention in writing this blog is to cook up some "soul food"--stories to challenge, nourish, and strengthen the soul--as we navigate some choppy waters in a world in the midst of profound change. This is not a DIY homesteading blog, or a blog dedicated to naming or even solving what it sees as the problems of the world. Others do that.

What I need, and perhaps you need, also, is to swap stories of hope, stories that point to the hidden beauty and joy in things (even the "ugly" things). I crave stories that help me to feel a little less alone, weird, or scared as I walk with shaky legs into new lands, some of them forced upon me, others chosen, but all untried until now.

Over time, I've learned that images and stories feed us. The stories I hope to cook up from the ingredients of daily life will be organic, free-range, locally-grown, and with any luck, will come together to nourish you and your soulful sense of purpose in life.

But I am still a novice at all this growing, cooking, and preserving stuff. So jump on into the kitchen--this blog here--with your ingredients, your talents, and your unique soul perspective, so we can really get to cooking up a meal!